Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Things that make my eyes glaze and my brain shut down

  • Space programmes — Discovery has just landed in California, I've heard. Oh? Did it go anywhere? Except for the landing on the moon, the whole US space programme NASA thingie has been a blur of repetitive launchings and yawn inducing missions. I barely noticed when Cape Canaveral became Cape Kennedy, then back to Cape Canaveral again.
  • Make-up trends — Did you know that make-ups have seasons? That Spring 05 is different from Spring 04 and of course different from Fall 05? Zzzzzz….
  • White people under 30 and not living in a farm who can’t use chopsticks Meanwhile, China is developing a space programme.
  • People holding chopsticks the wrong way, i.e. with their fingers so close to the tips they might as well eat with their fingers, Indian style — But may be that’s another category: Things that make me cringe and bite my tongue.

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