Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sign Language


Read in the comments section of an article called "China doctors the news of Olympic Torch relay" (

"bonacker wrote:
Everyone remembers the 1968 Black Power salutes on the medal platform at the 1968 Olympics. The Beijing Olympics call for a similar silent sign of protest. For guests in the stands, for athletes, for officials to voice their disapproval of the Chinese government. No banners or T-shirts necessary, you can show your support by holding up your hand with the international sign-language sign for the letter "R." The "R" stands for human RIGHTS. It is simple for anyone to do: pointer and index finger crossed, hand otherwise in a fist. (The hand sign "R" looks like a peace sign, with the fingers tangled, an appropriate symbol for this moment.) See the "R" for rights sign here:"

Not as nice as my favorite hand sign, but it could become my second favorite.

My favorite sign

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kca said...

Tu remarquera qu' il n' y a aucun signe avec le majeur pointe. uh? Donc il va falloi rque tu arretes.