Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dim Sum Virgins

I had dim sum today with the Ex and B-Boy.

A couple walked in and sat at the table next to us. One dim sum lady pushed her cart to their table and asked it they wanted chicken feet. The conversation went like this:

DSL: Hello! Would you like some chicken feet?

Woman: Ew! These things are chicken feet? And why is it red?

Man: What else you got?

DSL: Baby squids, pork stomach.

Man: Uh.. the squid, I guess. Honey, you want pork stomach?

Woman: Ew! Why would I want to eat some animal stomach?

DSL: It's pork. Here's your baby squids.

Man: OK. How do I eat them?

DSL: You want hot sauce?

Man: What's this?

DSL: Hot sauce. Very hot.

Man: And this?

DSL: It's soy sauce.

Man: (starts to point at everything on his table) What's this?

DSL: Red vinegar.

Man: And this?

DSL: Mustard.

Man: (lifting teapot lid) And this?

DSL (exasperated): IT'S TEA!!!!

Woman: That's all we get to eat? Some mini-squids?

DSL: You choose from other carts.

Man: Ooh! Aaah! I get it now! You guys bring the food to us and we choose.

The DimSum Lady pushed her cart away, cursing and rolling her eyes, then froze when she caught my eyes, but I was smiling broadly so she relaxed and smiled back, shaking her head. When she passed our table, she whispered to me: "They know nothing!"


khoi said...

Et ce couple a-t-il déposé les seiches à même la table pour que leur enfant se serve? Ah non, c'était un autre couple, et c'était du pho... ;-)

Buddhist with an attitude said...


kca said...

Wow! Eh mais les mecs allaient pour la premiere fois de leur vie dans un resto asiatique ou quoi?

Tiens autre sujet similaire: sur un blog un mec racontait que son pere lui avait demander si internet marchait aussi le weekend? :O)

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Non, is savaient se servir de baguettes. C'est le concept du dimsum qui leur échappait.