Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Meeting

The place I'm working at is having its General Assembly, and it's a big affair, since it only happens once every three years.

Today's the first day, and when I arrive at work in the morning, this is what I saw at the front entrance. It was so cute, because when I asked them if I could take a picture, they said yes, and the Mountie on the right and his horse smiled and posed for the picture.

See? The horses are wearing striped socks. I told you it's a big deal.

The fun part is when you're in the back of a crowded elevator and you need to get off at your floor, you have to excuse yourself in so many languages: "Sorry, Excusez-moi, Con permiso, Dui Bu Ji, Xin Lôi", that by the time you reach the door, the elevator has started again and you missed your floor.

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