Monday, May 09, 2011


This is one of innumerable examples of human stupidity. In this specific case, the victim is not particularly to blame because he's only 7 years old, and one has to wonder where was his accompanying adult, but I'm sure you've heard of many cases of drunk young males climbing into lions, tigers and bears cages, often on a dare, and getting deservedly mauled.

One has to ask oneself: what is it, in this day and age where news are spread almost instantaneously all over the globe and one can no longer plead ignorance, what is it, I say, that makes some people willfully and blindly make the same mistakes that other people have already made before them with disastrous consequences?

How often did you read about these incidents and slap your forehead, saying to yourself: "What were they thinking?"

- Kids playing and getting shot with parent's loaded guns, left lying around or in unlocked drawers.

- People riding skidoos on frozen lakes and sinking in frozen water after the ice cracked. It happens every spring when the ice begins to melt.

- Caucasian women marrying Iranian, Pakistani, Syrian,etc. husbands, then acting all surprised and devastated when beaten up by husbands, when finding out husbands have many other wives, and/or when their children are taken away from them by husbands.

- Old Vietnamese retirees going back to Vietnam to find a young wife/mistress and acting all surprised and devastated when their sweethearts go from "love you long time" to "no money no honey".

- All these people who still believe in Nigerian letters offering them millions of free money (Nigerian is used here as a generic term to identify all these strangers writing identical tales of family misfortunes and/or deadly sickness in hilariously quaint English).

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