Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Some Jokes Cannot Be Translated Into Another Language

We all know the joke (By we, I mean: cool people): The Dalai Lama is walking in New York and seeing a hotdog vendor, stops to order lunch. He asks the vendor: "Make me one with everything". /LOL/ /LOL/ He gets his hotdog, eats it, pays and waits for his change. He asks the vendor: "Where's the change?". The vendor replies: "Change comes from within." /Badaboum//LOL/ /LOL/

Funny joke, right? Guaranteed success if you tell it to a Buddhist, right? Some Australian TV anchor managed to screw it up.

Tip 1: It's never a good idea to tell a play-on-word joke to a person who's not fluent in the language of the joke. Even if he gets it, it will never be as funny to him as it is to you.

Tip 2: It's worse when you laugh at your own joke.

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