Thursday, April 28, 2005

I miss Ask Jeeves

When Ask Jeeves used to be a free community-based search engine, my son and I loved to go to their site to answer questions, each in our specialized field, computers for him, languages for me. I used to stay up late at night to try and answer the questions or read other people's answers. I ended up knowing all the regulars and having my favorites; it was like belonging to a very erudite, encyclopedic-minded family. Then Ask Jeeves kicked us out, to become a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq Index and we all went through a painful period of cold turkey withdrawal.

So this evening, when my son directed me to a similar website called Wondir, after so many years of doing without, I was full of hopes. Alas! The new site is a dud! Repetitive, dull questions from mostly incredibly, eye-rollingly stupid people, half of which seem to be pregnant and the other half looking for answers to their homework questions.

I'll give them a month or two to clean up their act. But the search continues. The quest is still on.


The Daily Wondir said...

Thanks for checking us out and letting us know your honest first impression. This is good constructive feedback for us, I'll definitely link or trackback to you from the Wondiring blog and pass your thoughts on quality of posts around to others at Wondir. You're just the kind of thoughtful person we hope to earn as a regular visitor and member of the community.

We’re doing our best to build a platform (simple, open, live, free Q&A for everyone), and we understand that there may be a little immaturity there for a while — but we find as people spend more time on the site that the community culture — of being respectful and helpful — does start to take hold. We've just started to roll out a whole host of quality-centric checks and balances, self-policing measures, new site moderators and automatic filters to raise the bar on quality to a more respectable level, but realize we still have a long way to go. Feel free to let us know your further thoughts and suggestions on how to improve quality when you find time. We certainly appreciate your insight and honesty.



Allen Searls
VP Community
Wondir, Inc.

Wondiring blog

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Oops! Sorry Allen for being so brutally frank; I didn't know anybody would read my blog (beside my family - 1 ½ reader). I apologize if I hurt your feelings. Thank you for taking it so well and best luck in your efforts.

Anonymous said...

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