Saturday, April 23, 2005

Wanted: a child whisperer

You must have read, like me, the story of this five year old girl in Florida who was arrested and cuffed by the police for throwing temper tantrums in class. Having read this brief report, you must have thought, like me, that the school’s call to the police was overkill and that the police handcuffing an unruly five year old is a tad excessive. Why not taser her while they’re at it?

Well, the whole incident was videotaped and you can watch it here:

According to the tape, this was not the first incident where the police had to be called. I don’t know her medical situation, but she probably has some kind of attention-deficit or hyperactivity problems that should be looked at. My ex has a daughter who displays the same behaviour, although in her case it was compounded by a complete laissez-faire policy from the father. My point (and I’ve already made it in a previous post ( is that sometimes, you have to physically snap a child out of an emotional turmoil manifested in a temper tantrum, by force if necessary. In the case of the girl in the video, the handcuffing was a good move, and seemed to be the only trick that broke down her hostility and defiance. Maybe it’s my Asian side, but I don’t think it’s normal to let a five year old child wreck up a place, because the adults are afraid to be forceful and take charge of the situation.


Nebu Pookins said...

When I read an article about this, I didn't think the handcuffing was excessive, but perhaps the article I read painted the situation in different light than the one you read. At any rate, my article did mention that it wasn't the first time the police were called. I felt the handcuffs were appropriate, as I mentioned in my blog.

This video actually doesn't make it look like handcuffs were warranted in my opinion. By the time the police arrived, she seems to have settled down already.

I suppose, though, if the teacher called the parents to bring her home, and the parents refused, and the teachers simply didn't want to deal with her, calling the cops was the next best option.

Ringohime said...

What the fuck... Sorry, but I just can't understand why "this" is the way the teachers deal with kids in this Kindergarden. They just keep saying, "No, don't do that." for zillions of times expecting her to stop? This kid is obviously not disciplined by her own parents, and the teachers don't do anything possibly because they are afraid of consequences.

I got disciplined both at home and school. I cried so many times at my early age in school and learned my lessons because my teachers scolded me as hell. I appreciate what they did, cause they are my parents outside of my house and they need to teach me what I did was wrong. Of course I got scolded as hell by my parents and grandparents, too, and I appreciate it a lot, too.

This issue is kinda like American parents refusing to teach kids sex ed, and expect school to teach it, and get pissed if they don't teach in the way they want them to. As a consequence, the school is afraid to do anything because it might piss off parents, so they mostly do minimum useless teaching to kids. --> Kids don't learn anything --> Teen pregnancy and all crap. My mom gave me sex-ed books to me when I was 10 (she just gave it to me and didn't care. I read it cause it was pretty interesting.), and told me to always use protection during sex when I was 15. Someone has to teach stuff like this to kids. I mean, what if I happened to be really stupid (like some kids out there) and knew nothing about how my body works and the existence or importance of protection?

That was a little off the topic... but anyways, here, the girl doesn't even know what she did wrong. She just cried because of the fear of being handcuffed. The girl will keep doing it, and her future is dark. If she has some kind of mental issues or condition, then how they treated her was even worse. That's not the kind of place she should be going to every day, unless those useless teachers learn enough about her condition some day in the future.

Ringohime said...
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Ringohime said...

Sorry about the double post.

Nebu Pookins said...

I think you can delete your own posts, Ringo.

And your mother was a teacher, so maybe she had easier access to sex ed books.