Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blog Ôm

Via a most excellent webpage about Vietnam, http://khongcoai.com/:

VietNamNet Bridge – Besides serving exchange purposes, many personal blogs are becoming places to disseminate sexual images, stories and even personal photos. These blogs don’t have very elaborate looks. The content, however, is open sex sales.

For instance, blogger L.A. advertises in her blog, “L.A., 18 years old, just been 2 months in the profession. Tall, white-skinned, having all that is necessary, very enthusiastic. Money back if not satisfied. Contact 091855xxxx.” Accompanying these words are sexually stimulating photos.


Another ad on N.H’s blog runs as follows, “Specialised in providing all kinds of ‘flowers’, from high-class to economy. ‘Flowers’ can be transported as far away as Phan Thiet and Nha Trang. Beauty, enthusiasm, and reasonable prices all guaranteed. Contact 090924xxxx for home delivery.”

There are also blogs that sell sex toys for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. And blog M. is where sex CDs and videos are sold and delivered by mail; payments are made through account transferring. H., the owner of another sex blog, advertised, “I have all sorts of CDs to ‘warm up’, as well as toys for both males and females. I have products from Japan, China, and the US. What do you like? We deliver to your door.”

Sex toys

More sex toys: portable washlet


In other words, Vietnam has finally joined the 21st century.

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Via a most excellent webpage about Vietnam

J'ai toujours apprecier les femmes a qui je plaisais. ^o^.