Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some Enchanted Evening!!!

Pad Thai

Boy! I've had the weirdest evening!

B-Boy and I decided to walk to a medical centre on Ste Catherine St to get a hepatitis A injection in preparation for our trip to Vietnam, but it turns out that we needed to see a doctor first, and B-Boy didn't have his Medicare card, but the injection has to be given by a nurse who wasn't there cause she only works until 3pm, so we could see the doctor now and come back tomorrow for the shots or we could wait till tomorrow and see the doctor and get the shots at the same time, blablabla, yadah yadah... So we left.

On the way back, we found this newly opened Chinese restaurant called daMao or something. As we were looking at the menu posted on the window, a smiling man rushed out and invited us in. He was so warm and inviting, chattering up a storm, but in a very friendly way. B-Boy and I immediately fell under his charm and went in. Whatever we ordered, he smiled and nodded and said: Very good choice, it's delicious! or Oh yes, good choice, it's very fresh! And he was right, it was very good. I had Pad Thai and B-Boy had some sushi (yes, at a Chinese restaurant -- I love Montreal!). After I paid and left a generous tip, B-Boy added some more coins cause the guy was so nice. As we were leaving the restaurant, we saw him on the sidewalk, talking to a woman, trying to convince her to go inside his restaurant.

B-Boy wanted to go train at his school so we separated and I walked home by myself. On the way back, I passed by a Multimag store and decided to go in. The cashier was talking to a man and I was just browsing, looking at the magazines, when suddenly I heard the man yelling at the cashier: Hurry up! Hurry up! I turned around to look at the cashier, but he seemed relaxed, so I continued reading the magazines. From the corner of my eyes, I saw the cashier go in the back of the store and the man following him. Then a few minutes later, the man left the store and the cashier came out yelling at me: M'am, we've just been fucking robbed!!

This is a stickup

The poor guy was all pale and shaky. He called the police then asked me if I wanted to stay and wait for the police or leave. He looked so distraught, I could not leave him. So I stayed and tried to calm him down. He was muttering: I should'nt have gone in the back, I should have..I should have... I told him: You did the right thing, just give them the money, don't risk your life.

Very quickly, the cops arrived, a man and a woman. The male cop asked me to write a statement, describing the guy and the events, and as I was writing, he said to me: "You have two sons". I looked up: "Huh? I'm sorry, do I know you?" He smiled and nodded: "I'm your sons' sifu!"

And he was!! OMG! It was Sifu François, the master who taught kungfu mantis style to my two sons!! And he's also the cop who was taking my statement at a crime scene. What are the odds!!?

Not Sifu François

I was so shaken by the whole thing that I had to stop at Calories and take home 4 thick slices of chocolate cream cheese cakes!!! If I gain weight, it'll be the fault of that frigging robber! And I forgot to tell you that he was such a cliché, wearing a pantyhose on his head, but I didn't even notice, thinking that he was bald, until the cashier told me.

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