Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Baby Girl Is Going Blind

Sorry for the long silence. I have very sad news to report.

My dog Toast has been diagnosed with glaucoma on her left eye, which has gone blind, and the vet said she has to have that eye removed and the eyelid sewn shut. I was in shock when I first heard the diagnostic and I was pretty depressed afterwards because I felt so guilty for not having noticed the onset of the disease.

Glaucoma is abnormally high pressure in the eye. Inside the normal eye there is constant production and drainage of a watery fluid called aqueous humor. When there is a problem with the drainage of the fluid, the pressure within the eye can increase. High pressure causes damage to the optic nerve, which, in turn, causes vision loss...The disease appears to occur spontaneously, often without any warning. Even though the drainage area of the eye may be abnormal since birth, it is not understood why acute glaucoma appears at a particular time, later in life.

I have started healing her with energy and the swelling has begun to decrease but the vet wanted to have the operation as soon as possible because of the constant pain due to pressure, so that doesn't leave me much time. She's supposed to be in surgery on Wednesday the 19th.


dizzyfatplonka said...

AWWW Shame but they soldier on, back upto mischief in no time I can bet.

kca said...

Bon alors ca donne quoi aux dernieres nouvelles? Elle va bien ta chienne?