Friday, May 30, 2008

There's No Such Thing In Vietnam

A few years ago, the Prime Minister of Vietnam came to Canada for an official visit and during a press conference was asked about human rights abuse, especially about the persecution of the gay community. His answer was: "Pshaw! There are no abuse because there are no gays in Vietnam! Next question?"

I beg to differ.

Pimp my Ride

Fairy Bike

From ThanhNien News:

"No one is quite sure where, how or why the fashion craze started, but for the past few months, youths in the capital Hanoi have turned their bicycles into mobile works of art, the more extravagant the better.

Teens have beautified small two-wheelers with glitter and plastic flowers, giant silk butterflies and teddy bears, Christmas tinsel and paper parasols and, yes, feather boas, in an anything-goes creative arms race.

Youngsters have rigged blinking lights, MP3 players and batteries to the frames to blast techno and hip-hop down previously tranquil tree-lined streets, earning them both amused smiles and reproachful looks from their elders."


kca said...

Jures moi sur ta vie qu' il a vraimment dit qu' il n' y avait pas de PD au VN?

Et tu parles de quel premier ministre? PV Khai?

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Oui, Son Excellence Khai lui-même. Je l'ai entendu de mes propres oreilles. Mes copains et collègues viet et moi, on s'est mordu les lèvres pour ne pas pouffer de rire. Il a dit: "O Vietnam dâu co mây chuyên do!"