Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Actions And Their Consequences

Gather round, children. Today's lesson will start now.

First case: The revenge of the bullied.

You've all seen this clip. A normal reaction would be to applaud the bullied kid for finally standing up to himself and teaching the bully a lesson, right? Wrong! Some bleeding hearts are instead deploring the public humiliation of the bully. They say violence is not the answer, the best policy with bullies is to ignore them, blah blah... I say: F*** You!

Second case: The racist UCLA student ranting against Asians

Another viral video clip. Apparently, the girl has received general condemnation for her racist remarks, and even some death threats, and has since apologized. She's under police protection and had to reschedule her exams since her name, address, school schedules, etc. have been published on the web and the UCLA people fear for her safety. While I don't take the death threats too seriously, I can imagine that her new fame would bring all kinds of inconvenience to her life. But some bleeding hearts are shocked, shocked by the violence of the reactions against her, for what they consider a simple lapse of common sense. But if you could be fired, jailed or even killed for using the word "nigger", why wouldn't you expect the same for saying "ching chong"?

In both cases, the lesson is quite clear: Actions Have Consequences. You do the crime, you do the time.

Run along now, children.

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