Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enough! Get Married Already And Let Us Go Back To Our Boring Life!

The Londonist website is just as fed up as me about the constant drip drip of daily "news" about the Royal Wedding. Excerpt from one of their articles, making fun of other British newspapers' constant coverage of the Blessed Event:

Behind The Scenes In The Royal Wedding Kitchen, Daily Telegraph
A video exposé of preparations in Buck Pal kitchen. We hope the Telegraph follows up on the story with similar items on the Royal Shower Room and Royal Bedroom.

Kate Middleton Has ‘Quiet Night In With Friends’ For Hen Party, Daily Mail
See also ‘Kate Middleton Potters Around Kitchen A Bit, Forgetting Why She Went In There’ and ‘Kate Middleton Loses Cardigan. No, Wait…There It Is’.

David Cameron To Hold No 10 Street Party On Royal Wedding Day, Mirror
All the neighbours will be there: from George Osborne to Mrs George Osborne.

Royal Wedding: Sophie Ellis-Bextor Plans A ‘Knees-Up’, Daily Telegraph
Yeah, but who dares party on her dance floor?

Russell Grant’s Royal Wedding Party Guide
The happy-go-lucky mumbojumbosmith predicts how your mood will be affected by the Royal Wedding. Oddly, the words ennui, meh and indifference don’t feature in any of the 12 signs.

And the slightly more justifiable stuff…

As you’d expect, the big day will be marked with a special series of Royal Mail stamps (they don’t come in Second Class flavour). If you just can’t get enough Wedding in your life, how about getting hold of one of these souvenir Oyster card holders? Meanwhile, Parliament Square peace protesters will get a ringside view of proceedings, after their eviction fails to reach court in time.

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