Sunday, February 18, 2007

Têt de Cochon

I'm Baaaaack! So I said the 19th and it's only the 18th. Sue me.

Me voici de retour. Beaucoup de choses se sont passées durant mon absence mais j'ai voulu attendre le nouvel an pour recommencer à publier mes posts...[je crois qu'on dit «billets» en français].

My Internet connection is back. The whole sorry episode was too painful for me to recall in details. Suffice it to say that I will try to cut my connections with Bell as soon as I practically can. I've already got a new server, now I will switch to Vonnage or some other server for my land phone. Curse you Bell Canada!

Family news are not too good. My little brother (my only sibling still alive) has been diagnosed with blood cancer and will have to go through some chemotherapy. It all started with a brain tumor for which he got operated. The tumor analysis revealed the blood cancer. If he has to undergo a bone marrow transplant, I would be the only compatible donor. In the meantime, I lent him my laptop which I stocked up with films and video clips, cause I know how boring a lengthy stay in a hospital can be. Now I might as well say goodbye to that laptop, he won't give it back...

Mommy Dearest will also have an operation soon, for the cataract in the left eye. She calls me many times a day, for various nonsenses, because she is in her down period. B-Boy and his cousin Soy Sauce performed at the Tet Party organized at the Olympic Stadium by the Vietnamese community in Montreal. We videotaped the show but my mother's vision was too poor, and she could not even watch her grandsons' performance on her TV. I will post the link when the show will be uploaded on YouTube.

Then my car got towed away because I lent it to someone who parked it on a street where they were doing some snow clearing. The next day, I had to take a taxi to drive around the area, looking for my car. Ended up costing 40 dollars of taxi, plus 92 dollars of fine.

That's it for my whining and complaining. Happy New Year, everyone! I have the feeling that I paid off a lot of my bad karma and that things will be so much better from now on.

Oh wait, one more thing. To the people of Herouxville: You're a bunch of assholes! []


Frank said...

Têt de cochon.
Court, simple et éfficace.
Comment n'y ai je pas pensé.
J'en profite aussi pour te souhaiter une (très) bonne année à l'occasion de mon premier commentaire sur ton blog.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

OK, je passe à la confesse. J'ai piqué l'idée au quotidien Le Monde. Ils ont publié un article sur la bouffe vietnamienne pendant le Têt et ils ont appelé ça: Têt du cochon.
[rouge de honte]Je ne suis pas aussi géniale que j'en ai l'air...

Buddhist with an attitude said...

J'ai oublié de souhaiter la bienvenue à M. Frank. Je suis d'une grossièreté.. Salut Frank! Cung Chuc Tan Xuan à toi aussi. Ton blogue est vraiment chouette.