Monday, December 15, 2008

If The Shoe Fits

I was hoping more for a trial and indictment as a war criminal at The Haye Tribunal, but humiliation by shoe lapidation is a good start, I guess.

Update: Of course, there are many other blogs that are also featuring video clips of Bush being pelted with shoes. One of them (SuperFrenchie) has a write-your-own-caption contest, with hilarious results. My favourites: "Lame duck", "Time will heel", "Shoe-In for the Hall of Shame", "I said: Throw flowers, not shoes!", "Coup de pompe", "C'est le pied!", etc..

Update: 16 December

Thanks to KCA for pointing me to some more variations of "Bush: My Pet Shoe" at BoingBoing:

More update: 16 December

The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George Bush has been, and is being, tortured, according to credible reports

Via Firedoglake:
Albaghdadia, the TV channel where the Iraqi Journalist Montather Al-Zeidi works, reports that an Iraqi MP (Ms. Zainab Al-Kanani) informed them that Montather’s hand was broken in jail. This confirms a lot of reports and rumors about Montather being subject to torture while the Iraqi authorities are interrogating and detaining him in some unspecified location.

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