Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Electric Boogaloo

Last night, I was in my office at home, sitting in front of my computer monitor. The two dogs were with me as usual, Toast lying at my feet and Butters in her basket behind me.

Suddenly, I heard a wild trashing from her location. I turned around and saw her lying on her back, in a puddle of urine. I rushed to her and saw that she had an electric cord in her mouth: she was gnawing on my laptop cord and was being electrocuted!!! In my panic, I tried to pull apart her jaws but her mouth was clamped shut, she was as rigid as a piece of wood and her eyes were convulsed. Her body was soaked with sweat, I knew she was going to die. Finally, I thought of unplugging the cord. She immediately opened her mouth to drop the cord and produced a long, loud wail of pain.

I took her in my arms and I held her against me for a long long time, stroking her and cooing reassuringly. I was crying as she was huddling against me, yelping softly. I remembered a film where a woman was being tortured by electrocution and I was filled with the same horror. If I weren't there, my baby would have died for sure [shudder!!!].

This morning she seemed to have forgotten all about her ordeal, but I took care to hide all the electrical cords that are hanging out too prominently.

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