Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If You Still Don't Understand What Sexism Is, Here's The Explanation

I found this powerful post by Riverdaughter (A picture says a thousand words) at her blog The Confluence (http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/a-picture-says-a-thousand-words/#comments) and I am reproducing it here, for your education:




Any questions?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by The Confluence and giving us proper attribution. We seem to be striking a chord these days. It's good to make new friends.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

OMG!OMG! Riverdaughter herself came to my blog and it's such a mess!!!;-)
Riverdaughter, if you ever come back to read this comment, please know that I admire you so much. I've been reading your blog since its creation during the primaries, but I'm too shy to leave a comment. Thank you for all your posts, they really inspire me.