Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thriller 2009

Two years ago, I found out about an organization called Thrill the World which is dedicated to organizing groups around the world to dance the choreography of Michael Jackson's video Thriller together on a certain date at a certain time. They provide the music and teach the choreography step by step. Since my lifelong dream was to dance like Michael Jackson (isn't that everybody's lifelong dream, anyway?), I tried to form a group to do that dance, but it was a miserable failure. I have to show you the video, one of these days, you’d piss your pants laughing at my pathetic efforts . Here's how it should be done.

Last year, I tried again, but couldn’t even rustle up enough people. This year, now that Michael is dead, I guess it is even more important for me to do the dance, before something happened to me as well and I would die regretting not having done it.

Anyway, go to the Thrill The World site ( and try to get your own group to learn the steps. This year, the event will be held on: Sunday, October 25th at 12:30am UTC / GMT.

To encourage you, here is a YouTube clip showing Michael Jackson and his crew of dancers rehearsing the piece. You’ll find that even Mr. Moonwalk himself makes mistakes. So I’m not too embarrassed to make a fool of myself yet one more time, a bit like the hippos in Fantasia trying to dance the Nutcracker ballet.

And of course, one cannot mention Thriller without showing the other two famous versions:

The Indian version (with subtitles from Buffalax)

And the Philippines prison inmates version

I'll see you in October!

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