Sunday, January 27, 2008

Voting by Race

Despite vigorous denials from his side, race clearly mattered as South Carolina blacks voted for Obama, giving him an undisputed victory over Hillary Clinton.

Hillary's husband, former President Bill Clinton, tried to pre-downplay Obama's victory by comparing it to Jesse Jackson's win in 1984 and 1988 and was promptly crucified for stirring up the racial factor. But Bill Clinton didn't say anything that everyone didn't already know. Of course, black voters will rally to the black candidate, why wouldn't they?


Liberals in particular, and the political left in general, have this irritating habit of saying things that sound nice but that everyone, including themselves, know are bullshit. Some topics are off limits in liberal circles, one of them being any criticism of racial or cultural minorities, i.e. non whites. This taboo makes sense if you cast aspersions on a group of people whose only common characteristic is their skin colour. But liberals are feeling so guilty over past atrocities committed against minorities that they are bending themselves backward not to say anything negative, no matter how accurate, against anyone different from them. This is why, in this US Presidential Race, you can say the most outrageous lies against Senator Clinton and it's okay, because, you know, it's politics, but call Senator Obama a kid or imply that he's inexperienced and the hounds of Hell will be released upon you.

Obama - Clinton

To me, it's absolutely normal that blacks would vote for Obama. Women will vote for Hillary, black women will hesitate a while but most will go with Obama, and white men will divide their votes among all the candidates, with the majority favouring white male candidates. After all, when I buy my cell phone or my electronic devices, I try to patronize Oriental or ethnic minority stores as much as I can. Not because they have better wares than the Western stores, no -- they have the same shit as anywhere else, but I know for a fact that the majority of white customers are uncomfortable going to non-white stores, so if I, a non-white, don't buy from non-whites, who will? Am I being racist? I don't think so, but even if I am, I'm not racked by guilt over that particular kind of racism, believe me.

If there are two more or less equally competent candidates, the rational choice is to vote for the one that resembles you the most -- same racial origin, same sex, same social class, same political party, same school, same sexual orientation, etc... -- because he/she will be the most likely to defend your interests. If you vote for the candidate with the best slogans, you'd only have yourself to blame if things turn out different from the promises.

Cause politicians are born to lie...
Just like I'm born to rock and roll.

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