Monday, July 20, 2009

More Examples of Men's Inhumanity to Women

This picture of a collective wedding was sent to me by a friend. Apparently it’s being widely circulated in France because of the current proposed anti-burqa law controversy. All the grooms look happy, and rightly so : they are now garanteed what most males aspire to: free sex, free cook, free house cleaner, free children provider and baby sitter, etc. The brides?…who can’t tell?

Not all weddings are happy occasions :

The Jerusalem Post ( has issued this interview of a serving member of the paramilitary Basiji militia on his enforced participation in the rape of young Iranian girls prior to their execution.

Founded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979 as a "people's militia," the volunteer Basiji force is subordinate to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and intensely loyal to Khomeini's successor, Khamenei. (A bit like Mao ZeDong’s Red Guards, Pol Pot’s genocidal militias and the various  armies of children in Africa).

In the Islamic Republic it is illegal to execute a young woman, regardless of her crime, if she is a virgin, he explained. Therefore a "wedding" ceremony is conducted the night before the execution: the young girl is forced to have sexual intercourse with a prison guard - essentially raped by her "husband." 

"I regret that, even though the marriages were legal," he said. 

Why the regret, if the marriages were "legal?" 

"Because," he went on, "I could tell that the girls were more afraid of their 'wedding' night than of the execution that awaited them in the morning. And they would always fight back, so we would have to put sleeping pills in their food. By morning the girls would have an empty expression; it seemed like they were ready or wanted to die. 

"I remember hearing them cry and scream after [the rape] was over," he said. "I will never forget how this one girl clawed at her own face and neck with her finger nails afterwards. She had deep scratches all over her."

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