Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Politics Make People Crazy

A few days ago, I read a post at Cynical C Blog that says: "In 1988, Obama lent a stranger $103 to fly home to Norway", and "In 1996, McCain shoved a woman in a wheelchair into a wall".

I sincerely thought that the post was a joke, so I left this comment: "Obama was also seen washing the feet of lepers in a Mother Theresa clinic, while McClain was caught stomping on a bunch of puppies while sipping the blood of orphaned babies".

The anointed one dreaming about lending - nay, giving - more money to people in need

The evil one happily recounting his beating up of a blind toddler on crutches

Turns out the post was serious. The reader is actually expected to believe that Obama is Jesus and McCain Satan, and vote accordingly.

Today, somebody posted these drawing:

Dream of Sarah Palin being beaten up for the crime of being... uh...Republican?

My question is: why? What did Sarah Palin ever do to this person to deserve such raw hatred? What did Obama ever do for this person to make him willing to lose his humanity in his support of a candidate? Did Obama lend him some money in 1988, perhaps?

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