Thursday, October 09, 2008

More Shattered Dreams

I have to resign myself to the strong possibility of Barack Obama being elected President of the United States, not because he is better than McCain, but because the media and the National Democratic Party want him to win.

But my hope was that his first term would be so awful, after the disastrous Bush administration, that the American people would rise up, drag him out of the White House and install Hillary Clinton in his place. A girl can dream...

Not so fast, says Palomino (via Anglachel:
"And now Obama has the election all but locked up. Hillary Clinton won’t be permitted to challenge a sitting Democratic president in the 2012 primaries, no matter how abysmal his first term may be. As a result, it’s entirely probable that she won’t run for president again herself, or not successfully, and certainly not before 2016, when she’ll be nearly as old as John McCain is now. She may even find herself marginalized in the Senate for at least the next four years; the Democratic leadership’s pointed lack of interest in her current proposals seems to indicate as much."
Tell me, what's wrong with the United States and its people? Was the fall of the Roman Empire this scary?

Update - 9 October

From David Seaton's blog (

"At this juncture, one of the objectively gravest in US history, the American people are being asked to choose for their new leader between two political dwarfs who have not managed to put forward any major ideas or to suggest any meaningful, much less inspiring, path out of the situation.

This is as close to systemic failure as I can imagine.

In many extremely civilized countries this would guarantee millions of sullen, if not violent, demonstrators in the streets demanding action.

With much less cause, many countries have suffered coup d'etats [sic].

The question would be: is inane banality and a fundamental lack of seriousness, America's fatal curse or its saving grace?"

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