Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Obama Will Be The Next President of The United States

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It's the answer submitted by a commentator at Corrente to the question: What would you do if the Republicans steal the election this time again? (

"Submitted by basement angel on Wed, 2008-10-29 02:28.

CD - you're a wonderful, inventive writer but you have missed the point of this entire election. The same people who gave us Reagan, and Bush I and II and opposed Bill Clinton, have given us Obama. The right has pulled their punches because, for whatever reason, they endorse him. I mean, Colin Powell, the guy who endorsed Dole over Clinton, endorsed Bush over Gore (and he knew both of them personally so it is inexcusable) and claimed on the campaign trail that Clinton had decimated our military might, and even after the fiasco of the Iraq war endorsed Bush over Kerry, has endorsed Obama. You think that’s because he’s seen the light? Got any reason to think that? Powell endorsed Obama because Obama - the Democratic candidate - is, pathetically, more corrupt than the Republican candidate. That’s a sad, fuckin’ state of affairs.

Obama is a Republican candidate - that is as clear as a bell. The 527s which destroyed Kerry’s pristine military record have looked the other way at Rezko. The GOP have barely mentioned Reverend Wright - yet they go on about Ayres, a guy who has made through the system and come out the other end to be a professor at a respected university. Ooooh, booga, booga! A professor! Meantime, Rezko has been convicted of bribery (among many other things), after having inexplicably spent $675k of his own money to purchase a strip of land that allowed Obama to buy a $2.3 million house for $1.3m - you think that wouldn’t look like bribery to the vast majority of Americans if the GOP elected to acquaint them with the details of this fairly stinky case? Can you think of any reason for the sellers to demand that both properties close on the same day other than to make sure that no one besides Rezko bought the lot? The same party which gave us endless discussion about Willie Horton (that furlough program was created and signed into law by a Republican governor) has nothing to say about Rezko. Why do you think that is? Obama is in personal debt to an Iraqi national convicted of bribing state officials, and the right has said nothing.

After the debates, the Republicans pundits - the one who are on the panel to spin on behalf of Republicans - were all giving the debate to Obama. You think that the GOP has suddenly decided that, gosh darn, those Dems are just better at handling the economy?

No, they’ve done a deal with Obama like they offered Bill Clinton in 1992 - only Obama, unlike Clinton, took them up on it. Limbaugh makes a lot more money during Dem presidencies than during Republican ones. They plan on letting Dems take the heat for the fiscal crisis and put a dull finish on both Roosevelt and Clinton’s economic and social welfare triumphs. They’ll take potshots for the next four years and eat Obama alive [in] 2012. Meantime, we’ll be saddled with that cockroach, the Democratic brand on economic issues will be tarnished and no one will be able to run against him without splitting the party a second time. I used to say Rove wasn’t a genius, merely a thug. I was wrong. He has commandeered the Democratic primary process, unleashed misogyny in our ranks, and utterly destroyed the unity of the party most inclined to represent the working class. We now have two Republican parties, and two Republican candidates to chose between.

The “taking away” already happened, and it happened at the hands of the Democratic party. The real Dem candidate had the nomination stolen from her grasp and handed to GOP ringer. If McCain somehow or the other wins the election, the media and the powers that be, will take the win away from him. The media is the dominant political force of our time, and neither party has any power to reign it in. Obama is all the proof of that.

Clinton is right. We must bloom where we are planted because the parties are now utterly irrelevant for social progress. "

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