Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mein Führer!

A few days ago, Asparagus and I had a great ripping time watching and laughing at all the Hitler spoofs going viral on YouTube. Somebody started the fad by taking a scene from the film Downfall where Hitler throws a big tantrum in German and adding funny subtitles. There are many variations of course, most of them hilarious, especially if you are young and au courant, otherwise you won't get most of the jokes. * Here are a few Asparagus and I liked.

Hitler learns that the live film Dragon Balls is not like the manga:

Hitler gets banned from XBox Live

Hitler learns about the delay of the Harry Potter film, The Half Blood Prince:

Hitler finds out he's a joke on YouTube

And because it was my birthday recently, Hilter gets a surprise birthday gift:

* I'm not saying that I'm young or au courant. I had Asparagus to explain the jokes.

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