Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Alzheimer Syndrome Epidemy

President-elect Obama has not even moved into the White House and already history is being rewritten. The nastiness of his campaign is being excised from the Akashic Records and all the evil things that Hillary was accused of, and that The Precious and his posse ended up doing/saying as well (voting for the war, being part of the old establishment, doing and saying anything to get elected, etc..), are now considered irrelevant, not important, or part of what The One had to do/say to get elected, a strategy that was denied to Hillary.

So what lessons are we to draw from all this past misogynistic behavior? None. There was no sexism, no women bashing, just some feminists playing the victims again (see one comment in another one of my posts). I must have been dreaming. Obviously I didn't know about the Obamawin's Law.

Vastleft from Corrente ( explains the Obamawin's Law:

Thou shalt not break Obamawin’s Law:

No lessons shall be learned (or even considered) from the mistreatment Hillary Clinton received and/or the uncritical treatment Barack Obama received during the 2008 primaries.

The only acceptable reason to revisit this year’s Democratic primaries is for something constructive, like shaming Hillary for not taking evil advice that wasn’t offered to her by her campaign director.

Under no circumstances should you look back to recent months to evaluate Obama’s electability and the implications of his campaign and platform, the DNC’s electoral process, or the behavior of the media, the blogosphere, and Obama’s real-world supporters. It’s ancient history, it doesn’t matter, and a baby pony dies every time you bring it up.

Even people who want to broach such topics are becoming increasingly apologetic, because they know it’s consummately gauche to relive such long- and best-forgotten matters that obviously could have no relevance to today’s and tomorrow’s political situations.

For example, as Lambert notes, Bob Somerby feels compelled to say "not once, but twice, that he’s not refighting the Clinton/Obama primary, because that’s how looking at the actual record of events is consistently framed.”

Glenn Greenwald reacts to concerns about Rachel Maddow’s role in msnbc’s relentless surreality-based trashing of Hillary Clinton thusly: Amazing that there are still so many people who see the entire world through — every last square inch of it — exclusively through the prism of their specific preference in the Obama v. Hillary wars (Hard-core Obama fanatics now think that Chris Matthews and other Hilary-haters are exemplars of great journalism and hard-core Hillary fanatics think that Fox is Fair and Balanced).


Go ahead, I dare you: on almost any lefty blog, try to bring up any lesson that might have been derived from Obamamania and Hillary Hate. If you do, I hope you have a taste for STFU, because a big cup is a-comin’!

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