Thursday, November 06, 2008

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The rules are different for women than for any other oppressed group. Consider if the shoe were on the other foot: if this were the election of the first (white) woman president, but she’d won by waging a grossly racist campaign against not one but two African-Americans. A campaign where the word “nigger” became the standard term of reference for the two AA candidates. A campaign where the AA candidates were ridiculed and slandered as shiftless and lazy and dumb, where the historic nature of their achievement was completely denied.

In those circumstances, would African-Americans be expected to put all that aside and weep with joy that a (white) woman had finally been elected President? Of course not.

In a patriarchy women are expected to abase themselves utterly. But I don’t play by that rule.

When people are telling you that women ought to be happy for black men right now despite the tread marks on their own backs, think about that.

"Is there any other oppressed group of people on earth who are expected to excuse any and all injuries to themselves as long as someone else benefits?

For my part, I just keep thinking of my sisters in feminism from so many years ago, the heartbroken refugees from the Civil Rights movement. It’s true that Martin Luther King’s dream has now been realized. That’s because when King said “all God’s children, black men and white men,” he really meant men. There was no room for women in King’s dream, except as obedient wives and compliant whores.

The dream where women are full members of the human race — that dream hasn’t been realized yet. In fact, I’m not sure it’s ever even been articulated without some men snickering somewhere in the background. And if today’s celebrations are any indication, we’re still a long ways away."

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Today we celebrate the victory of Barack Obama over the women of America. It has been a hard fight for him, with over half a billion dollars spent, all the media on his side, not to mention all of the women who decided that their own interests were a lot less important than those of the people who have been keeping them down for millenia.

Today we celebrate another victory of the patriarchy over women, with the benevolent help of many people whom we once thought of as friends and allies. This momentous event tells us that everyone can achieve everything they desire as long as they have a penis, and that women have once again been sent to the kitchen where we belong.

Today we celebrate the loss of not one but two competent women and the maintaining and reinforcing of the glass ceiling. We salute the amazing political discourse in which women have once again been kept down with sexist attacks to their looks, families, clothes and all other stuff, while obviously corrupt and incompetent men were given a free pass by the same media who brought us 8 successful years of GW Bush.

We celebrate a serious setback of the women’s equality and we salute the victorious mysoginy forces who have managed to yet again keep the bitches down where they belong.

Go forth and celebrate a victory won by walking all over women, I fucking dare you.


Uncritically, Carl Cameron and Shep Smith are reporting that some anonymous McCain aides say that Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent; she thought, allegedly, it was a country.

It does not occur to either man to question these anonymous, and quite absurd, claims.

Or to wonder if perhaps these aides are of the Buckley/Parker sort, or if they perhaps have in mind a candidate they prefer in 2012...

Thus even Fox News begins the campaign to irradiate Palin to toxic levels for 2012.


Hillary Clinton was not mentioned much tonight; she wasn't on Obama's list of thank-yous, but she probably should have been. Despite the frenetic din of pleading, scolding, haranguing, begging, admonishing and outright mockery that was aimed at Clinton during the primary as she stubbornly refused to concede a primary that she hadn't actually lost, and despite the grim hand-wringing that a long primary would irreparably damage presumed nominee Obama, none of the grave warnings of the take-your-boobs-and-go-homers came to fruition. In fact, by engaging late-primary states like Indiana which haven't helped choose a nominee in decades, the extended primary actually helped wake up Obama voters sooner than usual. It forced them to pay attention to the minutiae of Democratic policies early in the election, and gave the Obama campaign the opportunity to test and perfect its ground operation. The result? Indiana is blue for the first time in 40 years.

Maude knows if Obama had lost, Clinton would be to blame. So please give a little credit where credit is due. Hillary ought to get a bit of the acclaim now that Obama has won. She was a tough competitor – and Obama emerged from his primary ready for a challenge, while McCain emerged from his as the hapless default victor of a dismal field of candidates, not the strongest contender, just the only dude left standing when the rest fell away. He was the best of a bad lot. The Democratic primary was a rigorous gauntlet that transformed the already effective Obama campaign into an unstoppable machine. The Republican primary was a clown car that picked up the McCain campaign in Disarrayville and dropped it off at Mount Meltdown.


514 said...

"Today we celebrate the victory of Barack Obama over the women of America."

You're right, McCain / Palin would have been much better for woman's right and the cause of feminism. The only way for Obama not to be a sexist pig would have been if he gave the primaries to Hillary without a fight. Otherwise, he and all his supporters are woman hater. It's well known that Obama oriented all his campaign, spending half a billion by fighting woman who are again the poor victim like usual. And Hillary was forced by evil man to participate in his campaign.

If you don't vote for the woman, you're a sexist pig who hate woman.

You represent what I dislike the most of the feminist movement : the eternal VICTIMS of the evil man. Sadly, it's not by always pretending to be the poor victims that my sisters have and will go forward.

Buddhist with an attitude said...
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Buddhist with an attitude said...

"If you don't vote for the woman, you're a sexist pig who hate woman."

And if you don't vote for the black guy, you're a racist redneck who hates all black people.

What a predicament, huh? Luckily, this time, it's bros before hos.