Friday, March 09, 2007

Americans! Can't live with them, Can't kill them

The title's a joke, OK? Don't send the CIA or the cavalry after my fat ass!
A friend (thank you F.!) linked me to this YouTube clip.

Even though it is fun to laugh at other people's ignorance, I must say that I don't share what seems to be the general consensus that Americans are stupid. I mean, they are in general very parochial, self-centered and utterly comfortable with their complete ignorance about the rest of the world. But is it fair or representative to show a collection of the most stupid/uneducated people in America and imply that the American people are really that's stoopid? Of course not! Uh... Wait.... On the other hand, they did vote twice -- twice!!! -- for The Shrub .....

I don't understand either

Quote from the YouTube clip:

Q: What religion are buddhist monks?

A: Uhh.. Buddhist monks... Buddhist monks... Islamic, I don't know...


kca said...

Attends, c est un peu abuser leur truc pour avoir ce type de reponse, il faut tout de meme piocher 100,000 mecs au prealable dans les bleds au fin fond des states ou les cousins cousines se reproduisent entre eux.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

C'est vrai, ils ont dû couper beaucoup de réponses intelligentes et ne garder que les plus débiles. Mais s'il y a exagération, ce n'est quand même pas de la pure invention. Un grand, grand nombre d'États-Unisiens sont vraiment aussi cons. Et souvent ce n'est même pas de l'ignorance, mais de la pure retardation mentale (Religion d'Israel? Catholicisme!Couleur du cheval blanc d'Henri IV? Duhhh...)