Thursday, March 22, 2007

Enough is Assez is Basta is Đũ Rồi!

The provincial election is set for March 26th. I have received the necessary forms and information about where to go, which ID documents to bring, etc.. I have read the parties' programmes, blogs, comments, editorials, etc.. so can we please STFU now? Can we please not have to go through the same arguments again? Are the Liberals the most corrupted? Is the ADQ the most regional and anti-Montreal? Is the PQ the most anti-democratic or the most honest for saying upfront that no matter what the people vote, they will keep organizing referendums after referendums until they get the answer they want? And once they get their Yes and Quebec is separated, can the No side keep organizing referendums after referendums until the separation is reversed?

In times like these, I long for good ol' despotism. At least with a non democratic regime, if you're not happy, there is hope for improvement after the despot has his head chopped off à la Louis The Sixteenth or sent packing to join his bank accounts in Switzerland à la Idi Amin. But with a democratic regime, the people is stuck with the same incessant corruption and nepotism. By electing a new bastard, we are simply changing the names on official documents, without realizing that if we are being screwed by a new Dick, we are still being screwed! You know that racist joke about a white girl having multiple sex sessions with a Chinese guy until exhausted, she looks under the bed and find a whole bunch of Chinese guys waiting for their turn. Same thing with democracy.

And don't get me started on "Reasonable Accomodations". The white majority is so insecure and so clueless that it keeps oscillating between insufferable racism, like the Hérouxville Follies ( or the Soccer Hijab Ban (, and abject abdication to ethnic/religious pressures, like with the YMCA Frosted Window Pane Follies or the Sugar Shack No Pork Follies ( What happened to common sense? Where do we draw the line?

I don't know

Update 22/3/07: Another example of reasonable accomodation: The Chief Electoral Officer has issued instructions allowing Muslim women to vote with their face completely covered under a burqa or a nijab, as long as they are accompanied by an adult who can confirm their identity. A non Muslim like myself, however, cannot vote if I don't have the proper IDs, even with a friend vouching for my identity. It is the same phenomenon as the YMCA frosting their windows to spare young Hassidic Jews the spectacle of insufficiently covered women doing yoga or pilates. Which is not too far from the practice in some countries of forcing women to stay indoors because some men might go uncontrolably horny at their sight. In other words, punish all women, rather than upsetting a few men. If any small group is inconvenienced in any way by the way of life of the majority, it is for the majority to bend itself backward and change its way of life, rather than imposing any discomfort on the small group.

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