Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Dormitory Boys Are Back!!!1!

Yes, looks like I'm on a roll, posting three four posts in one day, but if you remember, I lost my Internet connection for a couple of months around Christmas time, and I had all these posts piled up while waiting to be reconnected.

Genius that I am, this time I manage to screw up my computer so badly the hard disk may need to be reformatted completely. So in case I will be computerless (yet again), I am putting up all the posts I've been saving.

So here's the latest from my favourite lipsynchers, the Dormitory Boys, in We will rock you... We will, we will rock you! Doom Doom Clap! Doom Doom Clap!...

And as an encore, them again, lipsynching my favourite ballad: Bu De Bu Ai

If you want more, go to their website:

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