Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And They All Look Alike

PESHAWAR: One of the two Korean female hostages who were to be freed by Taliban Monday volunteered to remain in captivity and instead asked for the release of another woman hostage.

This was disclosed Tuesday by Taliban military commander Abdullah who is holding the remaining 19 Korean hostages. “We had selected two ladies for release depending on their health condition. But one of them said she was feeling better and will like to stay back,” he recalled.

“After consulting the other hostages, she told Taliban that she wanted another lady to be released. We agreed to her request,” he said. However, commander Abdullah didn’t remember the name of the brave Korean hostage who opted to remain in Taliban captivity. “These Korean names are so difficult. I will try to find her correct name. Or Korean media should ask the freed hostages about this episode as they know what happened,” he remarked.

The Korean media was frantically trying to find the name of the Korean woman who sacrificed her freedom for the sake of a fellow hostage. She would surely become a respected household name in South Korea once she is identified.

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