Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The problem with beauty contests

Much fun has been made on the Internets about the stupid answer of Miss South Carolina at the 2007 Miss Teen America Beauty Contest. She was asked to explain why one fifth of young Americans cannot find the US on a world map and she said: ...uh.. uh...umm.. I'd better let her answer herself. [The subtitles are necessary, believe me.]

Before you start pointing at her and laugh, consider this Miss Vietnam beauty contest where the questions to the contestants and their answers are just as inane. No, there is no translation, but trust me, those girls are no Einsteins (duh! they're cuter).

So you see, stupidity is not caused only by blondiness. I guess the whole purpose of beauty contests is to make us uglies feel better about ourselves.

But then again, it's not just beauty pageants contestants who are dumb and inarticulate...


kca said...

C'est clair que la majorite des Miss sont franchement pas apte a utiliser leur cerveau poru autre chose que choisir leur chaussures, mais franchement, entre nous, de toi a moi, et de moi a toi: TU crois qu' on a envie qu' elles se la petent a nous raconter ce qu' elles pensent des differences entre le calendrier Inca et le calendrier gregorien !?

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Non, effectivement. Encore que «péter» et «suer» ne doivent pas être utilisés dans la même phrase que «Miss Kekchoz».