Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Weekend, Another Battle

Sunday afternoon and a parking lot on Ste Catherine was humping. The International Graffiti Convention was celebrating its 12th anniversary and for the occasion Under Pressure Magazine has organized, among the full day activities, a B-boy/B-girl crew battle with a $1000 first prize.

One of the best crews in Canada is the Supernatural Crew from Toronto and guess what, they crashed at our place, all ten of them. My awe-stricken son W.D. Forty announced that we will never wash our sheets again.

Here are a few pics of the breakers I took with my rinky dinky camera/cellphone. You can see in the background the graffitis being prepared and which I could not properly capture with my rinky dinky camera/cellphone. I also videotaped some parts of the battles but I still have to figure out how to convert the takes into an uploadable format.

Oh and by the way (she announced nonchalantly) the Supernaturals won first prize.

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