Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things heard

  • Rep. Jon Porter (R-NV) just got back from Iraq and he says that Petraeus, Crocker and the chieftains of the Iraqi government told him not only that there would be genocide if the US left, but that gas prices would go to $8 or $9 a gallon. [Which I assume is worse.]

  • Interview of a midget who's a contestant in the So You Think You Can Dance Show: Q:How long have been dancing? A: Ever since I was small.

  • Explaining their arrests for solliciting gay sex in public men's rooms: Idaho Senator Larry Craig (Rep.): "I only pleaded guilty of lewd behavior [with an undercover cop] because I didn't want people to think I'm gay. Which I'm not and never have been". Florida State Representative Bob Allen (Rep.): "There was this stocky black guy [an undercover cop] in the men's room, and there were a lot of other black guys around in the park, so I feared for my safety and I went back to the men's room and offered him 20$ to let me suck his dick, that's how scared I was".

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